Director/Writer/Actor- Aimee Patmore
Aimee has studied and worked as an actress for over a decade both in Australia and America. She created the story of Pinch out of parts of her own experience being a woman and fighting the stereotypes of body image. Aimee felt the pressure at a young age that her body may determine her ability to work in her field. The motivation to make this film also comes from her female and male friends who have shared their stories with her.
“Mental health is an epidemic in Australia and it is not just a made-up thing in people's minds, it is a debilitating life-threatening illness. It manifests in the body in ugly ways which Pinch explores. I hope through it we can have better conversations and more honest moments with ourselves and others.”
Producer/Co-Writer/1st AD - Anna Dvorak
Anna is a trilingual filmmaker from Sydney, Australia. Anna's first short film Refined In The Fire (2019) has been screened at 18 international film festivals including in the UK, Japan and the USA. Recent work includes feature films Poker Face (2022) and Thor: Love & Thunder (2022). She has also produced music videos for local talent. In 2022 Anna is producing the second season of the 2nd Renaissance podcast for Futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson and another podcast, Scaling Impact, for the Entrepreneurs' Organisation. Simultaneously she is developing two feature documentaries "Extreme Minds' and 'Generation Rent.'
Cinematographer - Annalise Kafetzi
Annalise, recently graduated with a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Media Arts and Production and Digital and Social Media at the University of Technology Sydney. Holding a strong passion for both photography and videography, she loves to operate the camera for both professions. Camera operating her first dance short film in 2018 known as ‘Charade’, her DOP debut took off with a short film; ‘Carla’ in 2020, in addition to ‘Toska’, ‘Apartment 55’, ‘Hank’ and 'Straight Man's Burden' in 2021 at UTS. Annalise has also been 1st Assistant Camera for AFTRS short films; ‘Kevin’ - a documentary in 2017 and ‘Romantic Lead’ and ‘Between The Lines’ in 2020. Most recently Annalise has worked in the camera department on Stan series 'Bump'. 
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